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How to track family phone location free (step by step)


track family phone location free

How to track family phone location free

Life 360 is the app released in 2008 , it allows you to check your family member’s accurate location on a map. It shows the accurate location and you will also get all the alerts when your family member arrives at school or home or collage or office and even when they left home then also you will get alert. You can also chat with your family members personally or even in a group.

You can install this app from play store and it is free. It uses your location and data for various purposes like :

• To provide accurate and exact information about your group or circle .
• To provide location such as driving behaviour, crash detection and roadside assistance.

The main feature of this app is to share the location among your friends and family . It is a both web and mobile application. You just have to give the necessary details after installing this app and after that it will start working. It works 24/7.


Basically , it is a freemium app I.e., free of cost but money is required only when you need additional features , such as stolen phone insurance , emergency roadside assistance ,etc.

Steps to setup this:

• Install in everyone’s phone.

• Set up the profile with phone number, password and names. You can also add a profile picture but it’s not necessary.

• On your main device , tap create new map this will show you the whole map and then tap find me and then you will Se your location.

• After that tap yes then a invitation code will be send on your phone , use this code and enter it.

• Then it will ask you for the notification I.e., if you want the notification in your phone then tap yes

• At the last , save your home and location and then tap send.
Once , your family device set up then Life360 will show everyone’s location and you will be able to see each other’s location.

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